We are WAMI and we create projects with a high social impact for a world where everyone can have access to drinking water.

Together, we can change the world starting from water. Like? Great question, we explain it to you here.

What we do together with your company

Create a company aqueduct

Engage employees and consumers with our online platform

Raises awareness of responsible use of water

Change your way of drinking in the company


Calculate your water footprint of your company, your employees or your products

Balance it donating water equivalent to a water project around the world.

Engage your community with routes on our platform and through activities and products

COMMUNICATE YOUR IMPACT and your commitment to all your stakeholders

Why create a project together

Ok, let's communicate. But how?

Bottles, personalized corporate gifts, digital engagement paths and ad hoc communication materials. We tell your employees and stakeholders about the importance of your impact.