Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratory, Istituto Ganassini's sustainable dermocosmetic brand, was born from over seventy years of research in the dermocosmetic field. In the Bioclin Research Laboratories, nature meets science and the most advanced technologies to guarantee excellent products, formulated from active ingredients of natural origin, biodegradable and designed for the well-being of skin and hair. Each product of the Bio-Ocean line and the Bio-Colorist lines guarantees 100 liters of drinking water to the Londrekes project, in the Nija Panda District: this allows to partially compensate the personal water footprint generated by the shower and to generate a positive impact starting from the simple gestures of personal hygiene.

Furthermore, Bioclin has launched the Bio-Volume line, composed of a volumizing shampoo and a volumizing mask that give body and shine to thin hair. The formulas contain a very high percentage of natural active ingredients including Moretta di Vignola cherry extract, Slow Food Presidium. Each product of the Bio-Volume line guarantees 100 liters of drinking water to the Salasaca project, in the Central District.
In these projects with WAMI Bioclin undertakes to operate responsibly and with an eye to water management, to share as much as possible the values of sustainability and attention to water consumption, to build together a more just world in which the needs fundamental are within everyone's reach.