We want each of us to be part of the change.

For this reason, we rolled up our sleeves, pulled out the abacus (much more dramatic than a simple calculator), and worked out the plan for our water projects. And now we explain it to you.

How do you donate 100 liters with a WAMI product?

Let's start:

we identify communities without access to water e WE BUILD AN AQUEDUCT on site

Each family involved has a tap in the house, connected to the aqueduct, which it supplies MORE THAN 1 MILLION LITERS OF DRINKING WATER

At this point we refinance the faucet: to do this, less than 10,000 WAMI PRODUCTS

The accounts add up

= 100 liters donated

Look for yourself: each of our products has a unique code that allows you to immediately know the family to whom you have donated 100 liters of water!

We are not perfect, but we are transparent

Our goal is to bring drinking water to as many people as possible, but also to do so while leaving a positive environmental impact. We still have a long way to go, but we are always looking for new ways to improve.

WAMIzzonia: we plant
trees in Italy

Sustainable packs:
100% rPET, aluminum, returnable glass

Distribution e
minimized impact

This is also a game of
squad: when drinking WAMI, always remember to recycle the bottles and cans, or to use them for DIY experiments. Our favorites are the plant pots, follow us on Instagram to see them.

Our beautiful faces

Giacomo Stefanini
Chief Water Giver

Michele Fenoglio
Water Revolution Inspirer

Emanuela Pappini
General Manager

Sonia Ziello
Art Director

Federica Luoni
Away from home channel product manager

Sara Ferraiolo
Corporate Partnership Manager

Serena Radaelli
Area Manager Away from home & VAR Specialist

Paola Vismara
Logistics & Accounting Manager

Martina Brambilla
Customer Support