Inarcassa is the National Welfare and Assistance Fund for Freelance Engineers and Architects. There are approximately 174,000 members, 30% of whom are under 40 years of age, and 41,000 pensioners. Its assets exceed 12.5 billion euro. It provides social security protection for engineers and architects who are self-employed and have no other insurance cover.

It provides pensions (old age, seniority, disability, invalidity, survivors', survivor and indirect pensions) and welfare benefits (maternity/paternity, temporary disability and disabled children's allowances, health cover, subsidies, loans, interest rate subsidies and loans of honour for young people), as well as contractual services to support the practice of the profession.

Founded in 1958 as a public body, since 1995 it has been a private association, based on a Statute and General Pension Scheme Regulations laid down by the National Committee of Delegates and approved by the supervising Ministries. It is therefore a body able to operate autonomously, but under public control, in favour of the category to which it refers.

Inarcassa has renewed its commitment to sustainability within the 2020-2025 Business Plan, declaring environmental protection as one of the strategic priorities for the five-year period, with the aim of making the Association sustainable at 360°.

The Inarcassa Green Project is intended to represent a concrete contribution in this direction, alongside that already offered by the management of assets with the adoption since 2017 of responsible investment processes (ESG), through the development of a plan of measures aimed at reducing environmental impacts even in the workplace, generating a benefit that goes beyond the boundaries of the organization.