Born in 1995 from the intuition of the founder Mario Moretti Polegato, Geox is a footwear and clothing brand recognized all over the world for quality products and exclusive design. World leader in the "International Fashion-Lifestyle Casual Footwear Market", it aims to improve people's lives by creating highly innovative products that guarantee breathability, waterproofing and therefore well-being.

The link between Geox and the environment can be seen from the name, inspired by the Greek goddess GEA, Earth. And it is precisely the Earth that Geox is committed to safeguarding through the implementation of ethical and moral principles, solidarity, respect and protection of the person, which the brand also shares with WAMI. The common goal is to make a fundamental asset such as water accessible to as many people as possible, building aqueducts and bringing water to the homes of the communities that need it. By sharing these values, Geox can tackle some of our company's most difficult social challenges by drawing on its strengths and joining projects in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, in collaboration with Wa Mi it adheres to objective no. 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, supporting the Tengori project, with the aim of installing 15 taps to bring water to the homes of 165 inhabitants in the Dikes district, a village belonging to the Ziguinchor region in Senegal. Water is a fundamental right of every human being, which is why Geox is committed to ensuring that this right becomes inalienable.