zeroCO2 deals with sustainability at 360 ° through reforestation projects with a high social impact.
We plant trees in different regions of the world and donate them to farming communities that inhabit the reforested lands, generating food security and economic support. The goal is to leave a positive impact on the territory both from a social and environmental point of view.
Individuals and companies can adopt our trees, giving life to their own forest, capable of offsetting CO2 emissions and supporting the work of farming families.
Thanks to CHLOE, our exclusive tracking and transparency system, anyone who adopts a tree can monitor its growth for the following years through periodic photographic updates.
The social impact is one of the distinctive elements of zeroCO2; in addition to donating trees, in collaboration with Comparte Onlus, we train peasant families on sustainable land management.
People have always been at the center of our projects, and this is why we have chosen to do our small part to bring water to those who do not have it.
We believe that collaboration is the strongest weapon to fight the climate crisis, everyone must do their part to build a better future, one tree and one tap at a time.