Cedacri is the leading Italian operator in the IT services outsourcing market for banks and financial institutions. We have been committed to sustainability issues for some time and for two years we have decided to embark on a path to strengthen our Sustainability profile by publishing the Sustainability Report in line with the most advanced international non-financial reporting standards. We are actively engaged on the environmental front, with the research and application of solutions and contributions towards a reduction in energy consumption in a Low Carbon Economy perspective. We offer our employees numerous Corporate Welfare services, from flexible hours to smart working. Finally, we support the territory with sponsorships, contributions and corporate volunteering activities. In 2019 we wanted to formalize a sustainability improvement strategy, approving 19 improvement objectives in 4 areas (Governance, Environment, People and Territory), in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, to which we want to be inspired to guide our strategies. Among these, there are also the reduction of the consumption of natural resources and the creation of positive impacts for communities: the WAMI project allows us to effectively respond to both of these targets, while at the same time offering our employees a personalized, reusable and carbon neutral bottle.