Azzurra investigates the possibilities of ceramic material by creating, since 1985, collections of washbasins and bathroom fixtures in which artisan and technological aspects coexist with the aim of responding to the needs of contemporary living. Particular attention is paid to the well-being of people and to improving the quality of life, through constant research that has led, over time, to the development of state-of-the-art patents and technologies for the bathroom world. The sensitivity towards the issue of water scarcity has pushed the company to become an active part of a real cultural revolution: since 2010 it has developed a patented drainage system capable of saving water up to 70%, equal to 31,000 liters in one year. Today, Azzurra continues its journey with the desire not only to preserve this precious asset, but also to guarantee access to the communities that need it most. The collaboration with WAMI was born with the aim of bringing water to the homes of 20 families in the Norwood area, Sri Lanka, through the construction of an aqueduct and connection to the water network. The well-being of people together with the protection of the planet are fundamental principles to be preserved over time and Azzurra guarantees its commitment in the present and in the future towards these fronts.