WAMIXOLOGY - Ep. Powerful water

WAMIXOLOGY - Ep. Acqua Poderosa
In recent months we have happened to accept and face unthinkable challenges for the human mind: from the production of bread that brought the yeast industry to its knees to the smart working that has transformed going to work in the office into the most unconventional thing in history. .

In WAMI together with some friends, we launched into the (here many will turn up their noses) world of Mocktails. About what?
For those for whom alcohol is the primary source of hydration, we are talking about non-alcoholic cocktails, generally created by mixing: fruit juices, teas and infusions, rather than soft drinks.


We went even further and as the basis of our mocktails, we chose our WAMI.
Who says that water cannot go beyond its moisturizing function?

And as if that were not enough we have added: black tea bags, honey, vinegar, jasmine syrup and matcha powder.

Black tea, for example, is drunk in the morning. And it's great for those who don't tolerate coffee at all. But who would have thought that in combination with orange peel and apple cider vinegar, it could have given you the right boost for the evening and cool you down in the meantime (we want to talk about the heat that rises after a couple of shots? ).
Zero calories, lots of magnesium and potassium and the right amount of caffeine, I would say that they are the ideal ingredients for an evening that will last all night. Goodbye tiredness! Who said that to have fun you have to upset your stomach?

Can't believe it? Try it with your taste buds!
Kenny Matteo by Rob de Matt (Milan) made us change our minds, with his Acqua Poderosa.
The name speaks volumes. Below is the recipe to leave the final judgment to you.

First name:

"Aqua mighty"

0.75 WAMI water
2 sachets of black tea
Apple cider vinegar
Muscovado / cane sugar

Put two tablespoons of sugar in a jug (dark cane is also fine, the important thing is that it gives some hint of toasted) and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Dissolve the sugar, slowly diluting with water at room temperature.
Peel half an orange and put the peels in the water, then insert the two tea bags.
Leave overnight to rest away from light.
Filter and chill for an hour.

Drink and cool off great!