Work resumes in the Norwood Upper area in Sri Lanka

A few days ago, Oxfam, our partner for the development of water projects in Sri Lanka, confirmed to us that the works in the Norwood Upper area, which includes the project developed with Flowe in the village of Norwood, are officially restarting.
The covid-19 emergency had led to the shutdown of the works for obvious safety reasons. Finally, the lock-down in Sri Lanka has officially ended, as the area has been declared a "low risk area". 
So, with the necessary precautions, the works will continue!

The project, we recall, involves the construction of a gravity infrastructure for the withdrawal of drinking water from 6 aquifers, identified by a technical team, and subsequent distribution, by gravity, to the families of the various villages in the area.

The duration of the infrastructure for about 50 years. The management of the plant will be carried out by water management committees at the community level - responsible for the protection, safety and maintenance of the water systems.

The new plan for the continuation of the project in the district will be defined in the coming weeks. 

Collaborations with communities and summer management will be re-established, identifying the necessary staff to restart in July with the continuation of the work, which is expected to be completed by the end of November.