Robinson and the meaning of water

Robinson e il significato dell’acqua

We are so used to opening a tap and rushing its contents that we no longer realize that what has gone is not destined to return.
Our every gesture, out of mere habit, is destined to exhaust a resource that for 70% is part of us.

Robinson, despite his 6 years, is very clear what water means to him.
He tells us that before the construction of the cistern, the school asked its students to bring water from home, or cans in order to collect rainwater.

If before the water was an effort and fatigue for him, today it is only a source of fun. Like being in company while sipping from your cup, or competing with whoever is quicker to fill a bin at the fountain in the courtyard and take it to class.

Robinson is very competitive: he always tries, with commitment and dedication, to be the first. Even in games, this rule applies to him. He is small, yes, compared to other comrades, but this certainly does not stop him from challenging the older boys; and very often he manages to overcome challenges in an excellent way. 

The jerrycan race is his favorite, even if his teachers, let's face it, don't really agree to see them running around the classrooms. But the contagious laughter of their pupils is reason enough not to call them back to order.