Stubbornness is a woman: Khadija Oluchina

La caparbietà è donna: Khadija Oluchina

We want to tell you a story: the story of a woman who, with her stubbornness and her promptness of spirit, made sure that an old well, now forgotten, would return to its former glory. 

The protagonist is Khadija Oluchina. She has always been a daring young woman, from an early age: strong, proud, rebellious. When she sets a goal in mind, it's hard to get her to give up, her parents knew it and her husband Solomon knows it.
Life was not easy for her, also due to the lack of drinking water in the village. But this has never stopped her, she has always rolled up her sleeves to help improve the fortunes of her village. She helps clean up the Blue Gold, the only existing well near the village, from which water is not properly drinkable, and heads a women's committee that deals with finding solutions to the scarcity of water resources.


And then one day… the license plate

And her stubbornness as a woman - for which obstacles are only a further incentive to achieve one's goals - pays off, in the form of a plaque: that of amref, the WAMI project partner.

I had heard many stories of amref's work in the Gahaleni area. They had protected the water of a well by creating an adequate cover, making it accessible thanks to the installation of a manual pump. And when I saw the amref plate on that shallow well, I immediately went home, urging my husband with all my will to contact amref so that they could do to our well what they have done for others.


Khadija did it, her being stubborn and persevering made her reach her goal.
And the women of her village give thanks; no more quarrels with her husband about who should go and get water from the source.