A2A for Ousseck: the Manga family

A2A per Ousseck: la famiglia Manga

The Senegalese village of Ousseck is part of the rural community of Tenghory and, according to the latest census, it has a total of 230 inhabitants divided into 18 familiesThe tap connection project was completed last February thanks to the choice of A2A.

Today we tell you a little more about one of the 18 families beneficiaries.

Manga family

Abdoulaye Manga and his wife Aida have been together since they attended high school. Today they are married and have 6 children they take care of with the help of her mother and sister. Aida mainly deals with you work in the rice fields and of house management, while her husband cultivate the garden at home to resell fruit and vegetables to farmer's market in the village. Their life is very simple and related to cycles of the Earth, of which they have deep respect. In the photo on the cover, Aida is preparing lunch: today rice for everyone!