The Danone project connects 2 villages in Tanzania

Il progetto Danone allaccia 2 villaggi della Tanzania

Last June the connections to the 2 villages of Isakalilo And Iringa, the latter in the part of the district called Igumbilo. The project was realized thanks to the choice of Danone, from which they benefited well 16 families, 10 in Isakalilo and 6 in Igumbilo, for a total of 67 people they now have permanent access to sources of drinking water safety.

Among these families we want to tell you the story of the family Mpiluka, from the village of Isakalilo.


Jamila Mpiluka
 is married with Watende Kiduku for 18 years. They have 5 children: Steven, Nickson, Efat, Yohanes and Stellah. They are all students except Yohanes who helps the parents with the housekeeping. Jamila is very happy with the arrival of the taps, as the children can finally attend classes regularly, no longer having to go to the Ruaha river to withdraw the water.