A shared aqueduct for World Water Day 2021

Un acquedotto condiviso per la Giornata mondiale dell'acqua 2021

Today we want to celebrate the World water day: we do this by creating a shared aqueduct in the Eastern District of Ankatsake, Madagascar.

Each of us can participate and contribute to the growth of this aqueduct, donating 252 liters of water of their domestic consumption today.

But why 252 liters?

252 is the number of liters that we use on average in the home for our toilets: from the shower in the morning to a relaxing bath in the evening before going to sleep, our water consumption is constant. Sometimes we realize it, like in that terrible moment when we run out of hot water in the boiler (how many times has this happened to you?); sometimes not, like listening to our favorite podcast while we wash the dishes after dinner.
In short: consuming water is necessary, but today we all do it in a more conscious way.
And especially, we can make up for it, with a very simple action.

790 million people in fact, I am currently without access to drinking water: an exorbitant number, which makes us understand how important it is still to keep water at the center of everyday conversation! Contributing to water projects is one way to do this, and it has been our focus for four years now.
For this reason we wanted to celebrate this day with you, with one of the actions that most characterize us, that is to contribute all together to a common mission, also taking advantage of it to tell you about our arrival in Madagascar, for the first time. We can't wait to tell you more about the stories of the families involved in this project.

In the meantime, let's spend this World Water Day in a big way: today we are turning all our ordinary actions into something truly extraordinary.