Marereni school: project photos

Scuola di Marereni: le foto di progetto

Here is a gallery of the water project completed in the Marereni School, in Kenya

Robinson, all proud in his uniform, told us a little about life in the Marereni elementary school. Studying is important, but game breaks aren't bad either. Finally, dedicate more space to both of them.

It is important to respect the shifts, and the children of the Marereni school are champions. Quietly they wait to fill their cup of water, despite their thirst.

The competition to see who fills the water bins faster and takes them to class has begun!    

Finally, the time for recreation has arrived! The time has come to unleash your imagination and play with taste.

Educating for a better future! The teachers of the Marereni school care about their students and want to offer them all the right ideas to build an increasingly positive future.