Sources of the Future: the project that brings water to 5 villages in Senegal

Fonti di Futuro: il progetto che porta acqua in 5 villaggi del Senegal


“Sources of the future”, a project created by WAMI in collaboration with Cooperative Weaving and supported by AATOANEASICAM And Tea Waters, provides for the construction of 1 aqueduct and the consequent connection of 5 villages of Senegal in the districts of Petit Coulaye And Tenghory, for a total of 120 families reached by the taps. To date, the villages reached are two, Nialor and Ghoniame, which number 39 families. Among these we want to tell you the story of the family of Mamadou Sane, to let you get to the heart of the project.



Mamadou is a farmer of just over sixty who, together with the wife Khady manages a small farmer's market from production to sale, as owner du two small fields and a vegetable garden not far from home. They mainly grow rice, tomatoes, onions and potatoes, which they then resell to large market of Ziguinchor. It is Mamaodu who moves every weekend with seasonal products, while his wife, together with his sister, takes care of the children: Awa, Sadhy and Saloum. Sadhy and Saloum still attend Kindergarten, while Awa is already in elementary school. In class she is appreciated and well liked by all her classmates, especially since during a football match marked the higher number of goals of the class.