What is a water footprint? | The Bio-Ocean line

What is a water footprint? | The Bio-Ocean line

The concept of water footprint in relation to water usage is becoming increasingly popular. For us, it's now one of the fundamental elements when we talk about our projects and one of the first indicators that we take into consideration in creating projects with the most positive impact possible.

But what’s a water footprint, and in what terms does it affect us in our daily actions?

When we talk about water footprint, we are not simply talking about the water we drink during the day: it is in fact both our direct and indirect use of water. All the actions we perform every day need water, from the morning shower to the weekend shopping, even in the most unexpected ways! In fact, our water footprint also includes the water consumption made during the creation of the products we buy, the cars and engines we use to move around, or the pizza we allow ourselves at the end of a tiring day. In fact, water is also used in the various production and business chains of the products and services we use every day, not only through our direct consumption for hygiene or hydration. For this reason, the numbers of our water consumption may seem unexpected to us.

So how can we counter the extent of our water footprint? On the one hand, reducing water waste in the home is an excellent starting point, on the other hand we can look for ways to offset our footprint by contributing to water projects that can give access to drinking water to communities that still struggle to have it .

Bioclin's Bio-Ocean line, designed with us, starts right here: buying a product from this line compensates for 100 liters of water that we use in our showers, guaranteeing it to the water project in Londrekes, Tanzania. Whether it’s a hot bath at the end of the day or a shower in the morning, we will always create a water footprint; but we can find a way to reduce it, by creating a link between our water consumption and that of a person who does not yet have access to safe water. With Bioclin we take a small step together in this direction, through the daily action of taking a shower (and punk hairstyles with soapy hair!)