Tanzania: the destination of the WAMI water expedition of November 2018

Tanzania: la meta della WAMI water expedition di Novembre 2018

For the first time the destination of our WAMI Water Expedition was Tanzania!

The project we carried out in the Iringa region saw the light thanks to the contribution of two important players: the ACRA Foundation, already our partner in Senegal, and IRUWASA, the state water authority of the region.

Our business was part of a macro project aimed on the one hand at installing taps in the homes of families who do not have them, and on the other at creating toilets to improve the conditions and quality of life for the part. of the inhabitants of Iringa. 



The project is aimed at families without enough money to be able to afford the investment for direct access to drinking water. In this sense, Usafi Iringa grants these families microfinance to finance the connection to the water supply and the installation of the tap. The sum of money financed by the project is then recovered by making the beneficiary families pay a small fee, which they will already find included in the monthly water bill.

However, there are families in conditions not only of severe poverty, but also of social hardship caused by situations of widowhood, physical handicaps, and diseases such as AIDS that cannot afford even this installment. WAMI's business turned to them, making available the sum of money necessary to cover the installation of taps in homes.




To date, the families of Iringa that have had access to water thanks to your desire to change the world are 186. Upon our arrival, 80 of these already had a functioning tap, while the others were awaiting installation, which will take place in the next two months.

Together with Jörg, project manager of the Acra Foundation, and Gerald, a reporter from a local newspaper who guided us to the project's target neighborhoods, we visited many of the houses where the new taps were installed. We were able to hear people's stories and take lots of photos. We can't wait to show you all of them in the coming months in our Water Stories!