Salasaca - central district: mission accomplished!

Salasaca – quartiere centrale: missione compiuta!

Last March the last works for the creation of the aqueduct which now brings drinking water to the central district of Salasaca in Ecuador.
Two families, for a total of 12 people, will have access to 3 million liters of water!
This project was carried out together with Bioclin, which, with the creation of the Bio-volume line, donates 100 liters of water for each product purchased.

To celebrate the completion of the project we want to tell you the story of family of Delphina Jerez Pambasho.


Delphina is dedicated to the production of wool for packaging, from shearing to cleaning, from drying to spinning. The mountains of Ecuador are in fact famous for the production of blankets, ponchos, sweaters and scarves: what Delphina takes care of! And he hopes his daughter wants to follow in his footsteps.

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