Norwood - West District: Mission Accomplished!

Norwood – Distretto Ovest: missione compiuta!

Last March the last works for the creation of the aqueduct which now brings clean water to the West Norwood District of Sri Lanka. Well 20 families, for a total of 117 people, will have access to more than 32 million liters of water!
This project was carried out together with Azure, which has been making collections of washbasins and sanitary ware since 1985 and which since 2010 has developed a patented drainage system capable of saving water up to 70%, equal to 31,000 liters in one year.
To celebrate the completion of the project we want to tell you the story of Mariyaselvam's family


Mariyaselvam is a woman full of resources: she has worked for years as a poultry farmer and, although now she is at home due to an illness, she does not stop getting busy. She lives with her three children, who have been a great support to her even after her husband's death last year. The eldest son, in addition to helping her with the breeding, works as an electrician, and the daughter in a jewelry shop in a nearby town.