Flowe embarks on WAMI's mission to hook up the village of Norwood

Flowe si imbarca nella mission di WAMI per allacciare il villaggio di Norwood
Flowe believes that each of us has within us all the resources necessary to improve our lives.
Their way of seeing things is very close to the mission of WAMI, which transforms daily actions into extraordinary feats.
We exist to have a positive impact on the world
Like? By transforming the act of drinking water into water projects
that give direct access to drinking water to communities that do not have it,
thanks to the installation of a tap in front of their home.
For this reason Flowe has decided to join the WAMIERS community
and co-finance the implementation of the water project for the Norwood village in Sri Lanka.
The project saw the construction of a water network which he connected 37 families drinking water
which will allow them to carry out their daily activities more comfortably.