How to create a product that offsets the water footprint of those who use it

Come creare un prodotto che compensa l’impronta idrica di chi lo usa

What if it were possible to create a product that offsets the daily water footprint of those who use it?

Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratory, Istituto Ganassini's sustainable dermocosmetic brand, has gone with us in this direction, creating two product lines that offset part of the water footprint of the shower of those who use them.

Some of us in the shower think about the dreams we had the night before; others to the perfect answer to give to an unpleasant relative; still others, to their own water footprint in that moment. And even if we do not have reliable statistics that allow us to actually know what people think when they are in the shower (even if perhaps, by doing a google search ...), we are very sure that the third category, that of the fingerprint conscious water, both on the rise.

Because the point is: taking a shower is regenerating, but at the same time it is a source of waste. Indeed, on average we use 9 and a half liters of water per minute for our showers, and trying to reduce its impact is not enough now. The time has come to also try a compensate for it, that is to contribute to projects and initiatives that make water a good distributed equally and used with reduced waste in places where the necessary structures to do so have not yet been implemented.

Each product of the Bio-Ocean and Bio-Volume lines, consisting of a Shower Gel and a Body Lotion, and of Bioclin Bio-Volume, consisting of Volumizing Shampoo and Mask for fine hair, compensates for 100 liters, giving them to water projects in the communities of Londrekes, Tanzania, and Salasaca, Ecuador.

Each product in these lines was paired with a can of WAMI or WAMI water wandermerged. By entering the unique code printed on the product, you can get to know the family to whom the 100 liters were donated and learn more about the creation and refinancing of these two projects.

The people involved in the two projects of Londrekes And Salasaca there were 260 in all, for a total of 9 million liters donated. The presence of aqueducts in these areas of Tanzania and Ecuador contributes to the creation of a positive impact not only from a hygienic but also from a social and economic point of view: in the community of Salasaca, only 22% of the population had direct access to drinking water.

The collaboration with Bioclin has made it possible to create a product that partially compensates for the water footprint in an area where waste is commonly more frequent, such as that of the shower, associating it with the donation of water in communities where the resource is not easily accessible. A product that therefore does not "end" with its use, but helps to generate a positive impact and to achieve the various SDGs impacted by our water projects.

This certainly does not allow you to spend half an hour under the water thinking about the meaning of life - our favorite activity, we admit it - but, combined with a reduction in the time spent in the shower, it brings a significant impact in the daily water footprint.

Besides train us more and more in targeted and responsible purchasing, which, if this type of products began to take hold more and more, could really be an extra boost for the creation of a more equitable world and whose resources are respected, conserved and used with care and responsibility.

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