Cedacri Group supports Diarone

Cedacri Group sostiene Diarone

Cedacri joined WAMI to support the water connection project for the village of Diarone in Senegal. The project involved the construction of wells that draw water at a depth of about 100 meters, the water is pumped into concrete tanks placed on the surface, 20 meters high and with 150 cubic meters of capacity.

This capacity guarantees the distribution of drinking water 24 hours a day, and a consumption of about 35 liters per person per day. Subsequently, a network of pipes is installed that will connect the aqueduct to the single tap of each home. The water is pumped into the tank twice a day to purify it following withdrawal from the water table, dissolving a precise percentage of chlorine in it, and to send the water to the village through the piping system.

The taps are installed in front of each house, equipped with a meter, which is very important for billing consumption.

32 families of the village of Diarone now have direct access to drinking water for life.