amref for WAMI: improving the future one drop of water at a time

amref per WAMI: migliorare il futuro una goccia d’acqua alla volta

In April of this year, amref health africa, in collaboration with WAMI, built a well in the village of Mbaraka Chembe, and 2 cisterns for elementary schools of Majenjeni And Marereni.

The Watamu-Malindi district

It is located along the south eastern coast of the Kenya, in the district of Watamu-Malindi. In this district, the main means of livelihood are agriculture and livestock farming (often at risk, due to sudden climate change).

In the district, before the implementation of the water project, by amref and WAMI, access to drinking water was around 40%. The water came from a single source, the river Sabaki, which did not always guarantee the potability of its waters.

The goal of the project

The collaboration between WAMI and amref now guarantees access to drinking water for 16 families in the village of Mbaraka Chembe, for a total of about 220 people and 15 animals, including goats and cows.

The well produces an average of 10,000 liters of water per day, about 500 20-liter tanks of water per day. Each inhabitant therefore benefits from approx 35 liters of drinking water per day

All this implies, at the socio-health level, the decrease in the level of spread of diseases. At the educational level, children who once had to devote much of their time to finding drinking water pools can now spend that time on their education.

The construction of the well also aims to raise awareness of the local community on the importance of good hygiene practices, and to educate them on a sustainable consumption of the resource, both for domestic use and for agricultural activities as a source of income.