Ride With A Mission kicks off: adrenaline and solidarity in an atypical race

Al via Ride With A Mission: adrenalina e solidarietà in una gara atipica
Ready Set Go!

Imagine 10 bikes on the run: sweat, fatigue, the spirit of competition for reach the finish line. Imagine the cheering from the crowd. Carry everything on one online fundraising platform and you will get Ride With A Mission.


The project

Designed by WAMI in collaboration with IRD And ACRA, Ride With A Mission consists of a virtual race which will see IRD athletes compete to reach the higher number of donations for the construction of an aqueduct in Senegal. The IRD riders put their face to it because the beneficial note of the project is added the prospect of a further final challenge: with the achievement of the set goal, in fact, i three best performers of the campaign will have the opportunity to to compete, and this time physically, in a extreme route between the lands of Senegal. Furthermore, once the race is over, the athletes will donate their bicycles to the inhabitants to help them supervise the facility.


Why an aqueduct?

The problem of the availability of drinking water still affects today over 700 million people around the world, more than the entire European population. Those who live in this situation spend most of the day looking for one hygienically safe source and, if he fails to do so, he finds himself forced to drink water from contaminated sources, with serious risks to your health. In countries where the supply problem is entrusted to women and children, this translates into less time for the former to devote to family and daily tasks, and less time for the latter to devote to education and play.


Join the race!

Not only with your contribution you will guarantee the families of the beneficiary village accessibility to a source of pure water, but you will allow the athletes to compete on site on a extreme and unexplored path.
In addition, the 10 "most generous" donors will have the opportunity to get one ride with the guys from IRD among the evocative streets of Northern Italy.