About Ethiopia's water project

About Ethiopia’s water project

Today in Ethiopia 43% of the population still has no access to clean water.
The project, carried out in collaboration with Amref, involves building an environmentally sustainable borehole in the Gambella region of southern Ethiopia, pumped by solar panels.
The water structure is 65 meters deep and has a basin in which the water is collected, which then, pushed by gravity, will be channeled into a water kiosk, an access point with taps that will serve 28 families in the northern district of the village of Bonga. Thanks to this intervention, the inhabitants of the district will have access to clean water sources for life. The water provided by the well will be used for both domestic and agricultural use, supporting food diversification, which is especially essential for children’s development. Sustainability, maintenance and a sense of ownership of the project are guaranteed by the establishment of a management committee for the facility.