Ankotsobohia è un distretto a sud del Madagascar, nella periferia di Toliara, una delle città portuali più importanti e ricche di cultura del paese. È un luogo multiculturale, che si supporta soprattutto con la coltivazione e la vendita di mais e manioca.



Project Diary

The water crisis in Madagascar

In the first half of 2021 there were droughts all over the world, from the US to Brazil, caused by an increase in domestic and agricultural use of water and a decrease in annual rainfall. One of the most affected territories is the Madagascar, whose situation is worsening from year to year due to...

A shared aqueduct for World Water Day 2021

Let's celebrate World Water Day 2021 together by creating a shared aqueduct in the Eastern District of Ankatsake, Madagascar. Each of us can participate and contribute to the growth of this aqueduct, donating 252 liters of water for their domestic consumption today. If consuming water is necessar...