Vector S.P.A. is proud to be an independent and family owned Italian Benefit Company, which stand out in the international freight forwarding industry as an excellent and well known company since 1978.

We offer a variety of solutions for air, sea, road and rail shipments worldwide, including express and special deliveries.
To be a big company means to us to think big and act bigger.

Vector became a Benefit Company in December 2021. A benefit corporation is a company which combines the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact on our society and environment and which operates in a transparentresponsible, and sustainable way.

We want to be at the forefront, not only regarding the services we offer, but especially in the way we run our company. Our daily commitment is focused on staff care and development, diversities inclusion, women empowerment, environmental protection, full respect of quality and safety rules, and giving support to youth, cultural, social and sports associations. We work in order to make the shipping industry more sustainable, promoting solutions to reduce the environmental and social negative externalities.

The collaboration with Wami stems from our desire to reduce our impact on the environment, also considering the use of water, a precious asset for all present and future humanity.