Il Distretto 5 di Salasaca si trova a Pelileo, in Ecuador. Al suo interno vivono 2 famiglie, per un totale di 12 abitanti. Grazie al water point ora la raccolta dell'acqua è diventata molto più semplice.

Salasaca - Distretto 5


Project Diary

The water project in Ecuador

Ecuador's relationship with water is very particular. In fact, in the country, as in the rest of Latin America, there is a high availability of water resources, if we compare the water reserves with the population: but in the Latin American region as many as 34 million people do not have access t...

Ecuador and water: the point of the situation

Over the past fifteen years, access to safe water has become an increasingly central issue in Ecuador. In 2007, the government decided to create a National Development Plan to reorganize the structures around the management of drinking water and try to make the country more sustainable. According...