Upcot District is located in Norwood, a rural village in central Sri Lanka. The village overlooks the Bogawantalawa Valley, known as the "Golden Valley of Tea". This valley is home to the country's finest tea farm, and overlooks rolling mist-covered hills and picturesque Castlereagh Lake.

Norwood - Upcot District


Project Diary

The construction of the Norwood Aqueduct

The works on the aqueduct that brings drinking water to the communities of Norwood, in Sri Lanka, have been completed!The aqueduct was built with a gravity system and is located in one of the poorest areas of the country, where about 86% of families do not have access to the resource.

The Wamiers land in Sri Lanka

To date, the projects completed by WAMI are more than 30, and thanks to these 10,000 people have received direct access to drinking water, forever. Among these, we finally reached some villages in Sri Lanka, known as the tear of India. The project, in this case, provided for the renewal of 2 hand...