Makarongoni is a village in the district of Iringa. They are known for a figurative art form, called the Tinga-tinga pictorial style, a naive pictorial style born as "tourist art" but later become a real art school.

Project Diary

663 million without drinking water

The number of people without drinking water in the world exceeds that of the European population. Most of these people live in rural and isolated areas and spend many hours of their day walking to find the water necessary for the survival of their family. The lack of water not only wastes them a ...

443 million lost school days

The search for water compromises the development of many children who, by fulfilling this task, risk exhausting their daily energies, not attending school lessons due to lack of strength or diseases related to the consumption of contaminated water. School absences are often due to the embarrassme...

140 million hours every day to look for water

It's like we're building the Empire State Building 20 times a day, every day.The search for water is very often a task that falls to women and children who risk compromising their physical health and their growth due to the effort due to carrying such a heavy weight (25 kg on average) for several...