With a sip of water you have been catapulted into the WAMI mission!

Also we at Le Pavoniere have joined WAMI in the mission of donating water to communities that do not have direct access to it. By purchasing a bottle of WAMI water you can donate 100 liters to water projects around the world! Simple isn't it?

The WAMI project is a self-feeding cycle: it all begins by identifying a safe and sustainable aquifer near the communities that will benefit from the project. The water is pumped from these strata into a cistern connected to the houses of the village by a network of pipes that ends with a tap for each family. Each tap, whose financing requires around 10,000 bottles, supplies more than 1,000,000 liters of water.
The equation becomes so simple: 1 bottle corresponds to 100 liters donated! 
And by entering the code on the label you can immediately know the family you are donating to.

Find out how many liters we are donating together!



The number of liters donated will be updated every 30 days.