Jungle is an unconventional communications agency, specializing in the organization of events, production of urban activations and guerrilla marketing operations. Amongst the various activities implemented, since 2009 the agency has been running the GreenGraffiti project, an innovative, sustainable and zero-waste advertising tool, designed with the aim of introducing an alternative solution to classic billboards in the OOH media universe. In fact, the technique consists of installing pictorial messages on the paving of squares and sidewalks, created using a biodegradable mixture that can be removed at the end of the exposure period using just a jet of warm water, without any detergents or chemical additives. Since its inception, the agency has been hallmarked by its environmentally-conscious approach, and the collaboration with WAMI originated from the objective of further reducing the impact caused by its daily activities, offsetting both the water consumption of its employees and that generated by GreenGraffiti in the erasure phase. To achieve this, we have decided to contribute to the development of the aqueduct and domestic water mains supply in the Rockwood district of Sri Lanka, bringing water to the homes of 8 families living in the area, and supporting the local community. After all, an advertising expert from generations past said that there is nothing more disruptive than having respect for the Earth on which we live, and for all the people who inhabit our planet.