Ilala is a small village in Tanzania. It is part of the rural community of the Iringa district and according to the latest census has a total of 17. The taps were connected in June 2019.

Project Diary

140 million hours every day to look for water

It's like we're building the Empire State Building 20 times a day, every day.The search for water is very often a task that falls to women and children who risk compromising their physical health and their growth due to the effort due to carrying such a heavy weight (25 kg on average) for several...

Aqueduct: how is it built?

First, research is carried out to understand in which area it is more appropriate to dig to find an underground water table. Once identified, a deep excavation is made and pipes connected to a pumping system are inserted. These pipes are put into action twice a day: they pump the water into a cis...

Get to know le femmes relais

The femmes relais are women from the village who are trained by expert professionals in hygiene and sanitation rules on the correct use not only of the taps, but of the water itself, to ensure that the general living conditions of the villages drastically improve.