The Fraternity is a type A and B social cooperative registered in the NGO register that offers quality services mainly in two sectors, education and work.
Standing alongside people at risk of marginalization is the our mission. We operate in four regions of central-northern Italy - Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Marche and Umbria - with 12 centers for socio-educational activities for people with more or less severe disabilities and 4 realities that employ people living in different contexts. fragile with the aim of removing the causes that generate social injustice, including one in Mercatale di Ozzano (Bo).
Born in Rimini in 1992 from the intuition of some members of the Pope John XXIII Community founded by Don Oreste Benzi, The Fraternity it shares and promotes the same principles.
The value that drives all our activities is that of direct sharing: we put the our life alongside that of those who have greater needs by taking charge of the development of the person through education and employment, offering quality, sustainable and competitive services to public and private entities on the market. Our goal is the good of the community that is built by placing the individual at the center of society, enhancing the characteristics of each one.
Fraternity for us it means first of all "putting together" experiences, services and relationships: we are like a big family that together educates, educates itself, works and gives jobs to those on the margins of society.