The Chacauco district is located in Pelileo, Ecuador. Inside there are 44 families, for a total of 628 inhabitants, many of which are relatives or neighbors. Despite the tight spaces, the community is extremely united, and thanks to the water point, collecting water has now become much easier.

Project Diary

The water project in Ecuador

Ecuador's relationship with water is very particular. In fact, in the country, as in the rest of Latin America, there is a high availability of water resources, if we compare the water reserves with the population: but in the Latin American region as many as 34 million people do not have access t...

Ecuador and water: the point of the situation

Over the past fifteen years, access to safe water has become an increasingly central issue in Ecuador. In 2007, the government decided to create a National Development Plan to reorganize the structures around the management of drinking water and try to make the country more sustainable. According...