Anemone Film is a film production house born from the meeting between the two young producers Walter de Majo and Alessandro Elia, which operates throughout the audiovisual sector, making films, documentaries, commercials and video clips.
Since its inception, the Anemone has managed to combine a well-defined idea of cinema with the experience of the set lived in the first person. In fact, this is precisely the place where the ideas, stories and characters that the Anemone tells come to life.

And this is where the idea of designing a new way of experiencing the set was born, an idea that starts from the cinema to look at the planet and its protection. Unfortunately, in fact, like all production sites, even the film set is often a space of waste and a negative impact on the environment. We are convinced that the change to be effective and produce benefits must also and above all start from the workplace, building virtuous practices and increasing everyone's awareness on the issue of environmental and social sustainability.

Hence the collaboration with WAMI which developed the project Water Equal Setfor each working day, the Anemone compensates for the water footprint of all participants (250 liters of water per day) by bringing the equivalent number of liters of water to families in the community who do not have access to this resource.
A small, concrete action which, if strengthened and multiplied, could positively affect the environment and communities. We think this is the time of responsibility and care for the world. Let everyone do their part.