Nija Panda district: we made it!

Nija Panda district: we made it!
Last January we completed the water project that now brings drinking water to the Nija Panda district, in the village of Londrekes in Tanzania.
As many as 5 Maasai families, for a total of 248 people, will have access to 6 million liters of water!
This project was carried out together with Bioclin, through the creation of their Bio-Ocean line, that donates 100 liters of water for each product purchased.
To celebrate the completion of the project we want to tell you the story of Michael Pirrati‘s family.


Michael Pirrati and his brother Jacobo grew up together and from an early age they made a pact to give each other a hand in any situation. Now they raise cows, goats, sheep and donkeys together, grow corn and beans, and have recently even had some chickens! While the younger children go to school, the older ones are learning the work in the fields from Michael and Jacopo and their wives. The children also had the task of collecting water for the family, which, however, was almost 10 kilometers away from their homes!
With the new aqueduct it is now much easier to organize the days for everyone, and when they can Michael and Jacobo also take a break to walk with their cattle.