The Wamiers land in Sri Lanka

I Wamiers sbarcano in Sri Lanka

To date i projects completed by WAMI are more than 50, and thanks to these as many as 15,000 people have received direct access to drinking water, forever. Among these, we finally reached some villages in Sri Lanka, known as the tear of India. The project, in this case, provided for the renewal of 2 hand pumps for the supply of drinking water from the subsoil.

The water pump renovation project, in collaboration with Oxfam, was developed in the Matale district, located in the central province of Sri Lanka. This intervention is part of the "ACCEND: Assisting communities in Creating environmental and Nutritional Development" project created by Oxfam Italy and ADRA thanks to the co-financing of the European Union.
In this region, a large part of the population suffers from kidney disease, due to the scarcity of drinking water. One of the residents, K.M. Siriwardena, from the village of Kekalatanne, that the water pumps built in the 1980s were not functioning properly for 10 years. In dry seasons, this was a problem as wells and other water resources were completely drained.

Today this is no longer the case. People no longer have to travel more than 15 km to find the nearest source of drinking water.
These manual water pumps provide enough water for the population that they no longer have to push them in search of drinking water.
In addition, water management committees have been set up within the communities to ensure proper maintenance and management of the manual pumps once the project is completed.